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What is DoublePizzaDOLLARS?

Your loyalty to DoublePizza deserves to be rewarded.
How can I earn DoublePizzaDOLLARS?
You will start earning DoublePizzaDOLLARS on every online order. Get a percentage of online orders back in DoublePizzaDOLLARS.

Days DoublePizzaDOLLARS
Monday 4.0%
Tuesday 4.0%
Wednesday 2.0%
Thursday 1.0%
Friday 1.0%
Saturday 1.0%
Sunday 2.0%

For example: If your order is $25.00 on Monday, you will earn $1.00.
How can I spend my DoublePizzaDOLLARS?
After earning DoublePizzaDOLLARS you can redeem them toward the purchase of the products which are specified as DoublePizzaDOLLARS redeemable items.( Example: Pepsi, Juice, Water Bottles,...).
DoublePizzaDOLLARS can only be earned and redeemed online.
DoublePizzaDOLLARS cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.
Percentages may be subject to change throughout the year.